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Blackberry 2nd Prize
Blackberry Mango 2nd Prize
Blackberry Peach
Blackcurrant - $8.50 or 3 for $24.00
Black Raspberry 1st Prize
Blueberry Mango
Blue Raspberry
Hellishly Hot Apricot Jam 1st Prize
Lavender Peach 1st Prize
Loganberry 1st Prize
Damson Plum
Gingered Plum 2nd Prize
Green Gage Plum
Raspberry 1st Prize
Raspberry Jalapeno 1st Prize
Raspberry Red Currant
Raspberry Rhubarb
Saskatoon - $8.50 or 3 for $24.00
Sour Cherry 2nd Prize
Strawberry 1st Prize
Strawberry Rhubarb 1st Prize
Tayberry 2nd Prize

These are 250 ml size jars

$8.50 each or 3 for $24.00

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" I have been eating Ms Belanger's products for some time, specifically her Chutney and Marmalade. I cannot speak too highly of these products, and confess to being a willing addict, especially to the Marmalade.

She makes several different types, so tasty as to make it virtually impossible to say which is my favorite. I take one from the cupboard without even bothering to see which type it is, knowing full well it will be superb. "
Michael R.S. Openshaw Duncan BC Age 86

"I like that jam ! I really really like that jam. It is so sweet. I love " Egg Lady " ( I also sell eggs )
Brodie Nanaimo BC Age 6

Gooseberry Jam on its way to Beijing, China as a gift for the hosts.
Petra Parker

Thanks for the Jams. The Tayberry is to die for! Worth the trip!
George and Roberta, Calgary Alberta

Your Raspberry Jalapeno will be enjoyed in Dubai. Jean Croft

I was in Dhaka, Bagladesh staying with friends. Went to their fridge for a snack and there was a “I Be Jammin” jar of Strawberry Lavender jam. Made my day! They had bought the jam in Duncan 6 months before.

Thank you for your wonderful Loganberry jam! I will take it home to Sweden.
Agneta Danielsen

Lemon Ginger Marmalade away to Winlaton-Newcastle, England.

We been jamming with the Italian Army in Shindand, Afghanistan. Germany is next. Some of the fellows never heard of “Peanut Butter and Jam”.
SSG Jacob Wruck
Miesau, Germany

Marmalades and Specialty Jams

Lemon-Ginger Marmalade 1st Prize
Seville Orange Marmalade 1st Prize

These are 190 ml size jars

$8.50 each or 3 for $24.00

Sugar Free Blackberry Jam
Sugar Free Blueberry Jam

These are 190 ml size jars

$8.50 each or 3 for $24.00

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