"Grandma and Sofia picking red currants"

Several years ago, when I was visiting my sister-in-law, I was introduced to Joen’s “I Be Jammin’” homemade jams, marmalades, chutney’s and other goodies. I’ve never looked back. So what’s special about them?

They are made with real ingredients, no artificial stuff or fillers. Check out the first ingredient of her products and you’ll notice that it is the fruit, such as raspberries, blueberries, Saskatoon berries etc, followed by sugar, perhaps some lemon juice and pectin. The result is a wonderful natural jam that is truly hard to beat for consistency and above all, flavour. She also grows many of her own ingredients. It’s hard to beat that combination.

I bring back to Mississauga, jars of my favourites, which I ration out. Sometimes I will share them with my family, if they are really nice to me, as I prize them so.

And besides all that, she is a really nice person to do business with. Win! Win!

If you haven’t tried them, you are missing out on a real treat. They really are the best products I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy. Try some, you will not be disappointed.

Anthony (Tony) Champion
Mississauga, ON.