What is a Chutney?

A condiment of East Indian origin; tangy-sweet, mild to hot mixtures of fruit and/or vegetables, sugar, vinegar and spices, cooked until thick with a jam-like consistency. They are a perfect accompaniment for meat and chicken, cheeses, and fish. You can add chutney to yogurt to make a delicious dip for raw veggies. Let your imagination guide you!

What is a Conserve?

Fruit mixtures usually made with two or more fruits, sugar, dried fruit, nuts and sometimes spices or liquor; cooked; slightly thinner in consistency than jam.They offer a special touch to yogurt, as a pancake or waffle topping, crumpets, fowl and game and tart fillings. Great to spread between cake layers and cheese and crackers.

Chutneys and Conserves

Cranberry Orange Chutney 1st Prize
Cranberry Walnut Chutney 1st Prize
Mango Chutney 1st Prize
Rhubarb Chutney

Pear Ginger Lime Conserve 1st Prize


$8.50 EACH OR 3 FOR $24.00

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Pickled Asparagus
$12.50 950 ml

Drunken Dills
$8.50 500 ml

Bread & Butter Pickles 1st Prize
$8.50 - 250ml $11.00 - 500ml

Spicy Corn Relish 1st Prize
$8.50 250ml or 3 for $24.00
$11.00 500ml

Pickled Beets
$8.50 500ml

Pickled Jalapenos
$10.00 500ml

Zucchini Relish
$10.75 500ml
1st prize "Best in show"

"Mango Chutney is my Top Seller!"

mango chutney

I am thrilled to give my opinion for the Mango Chutney made by Joen Belanger from "I Be Jammin". I am a huge fan and any opportunity I get to try new samples I take advantage of. I was introduced to Joen's Mango Chutney three years ago at our Chemainus Evening Market. I knew I was in trouble from the first sample I tried. I was hooked.

I have to say "I Be Jammin" Mango Chutney is the best I have ever tasted. It is especially fabulous on chicken, turkey and pork. I now have all my friends hooked too. Keep up the great Chutneys Joen!

Gillian Miller
Chemainus & District Chamber of Commerce

"For all your special occasions, gift baskets are made to order.... Remember Christmas is coming!"